Ashutosh Nandeshwar: renowned speaker on data analytics and data visualization

Ashutosh Nandeshwar inspires the audience with his humor and deep expertise in data science. The audience always walks out blown away, uplifted and inspired to take action.


Inspirational Keynote

A speaker is successful only when he can take you to a world in which you are part of the story. You see your challenges and your victory in that story. In this inspirational keynote, you will go to a place full of challenges and yet with your potential and a formula for success, emerge victorious.

Data Science

speaking on data science analytics for fundraising Ashutosh Nandeshwar

It is quite easy to think that once you have mastered all the techniques of analytics, its application and success should just follow. You will find in this talk not only about data science’s importance but also how to achieve success in its application.

Data Visualization

speaking on data visualization Ashutosh Nandeshwar Los Angeles

Presenting data should be simple, yet we fail at communicating simply. 30-minutes go by and you are still trying to understand the objective of a chart, which is masked by 3-D objects, exploding slices, and extensive color schemes. In this talk you will learn how to avoid some mistakes and make your charts informative and actionable, not "interesting."


Inspiring. Funny. Insightful.

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There are thousands of experts in analytics, data science and data visualization, but very few can engage and inspire a wider audience about data-driven decision making. I want to help you in making sure that your audience hears the message on performing high quality data analysis and taking action on it today.

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I was inspired to play a more active role in supporting my leaders

Excellent as usual. Funny, informative, and packed with terrific insights

Very funny, very knowledgeable, great insight   

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