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Auto increment a cell

Suppose if you want to increment a cell by 1 to see how your formulae handle that change, may be a simulation. That means that cell would be incremented by 1 everytime you hit F9 (keyboard short cut to make Excel recalculate). To achieve this do the following: 1. On the Tools menu, click Options, […]

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2 Random numbers generator in Excel

Although Excel’s Data Analysis Toolpak can generate good random numbers, I had to create these various functions to meet my specific needs. First: Generating Unique Random Numbers This function was modified from ozgrid’s RandLotto function, which returns a string of numbers without duplicates. This function will return an array of unique random integers that are […]

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2 Convert a number to its equivalent letter

If you want to convert a number to its equivalent letter, for e.g. 5 to E, you can use two approaches. 1. Insert this code in a Module and use this function ‘Author: Alan L. Lesmerises‘From: Function ColumnLetter(ColumnNumber As Integer) As String  If ColumnNumber > 26 Then     ‘ 1st character:  Subtract 1 to map the characters […]

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