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Excel 12 will have lots of columns and rows…

Excel Watch: An Official Excel Blog: “Probably the most common question the Excel team gets from our customers is ‘when are you going to add more rows/more columns/more rows and more columns’… Well, the answer to the question is ‘in Excel 12.’ Specifically, the Excel 12 grid will be 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns. That’s […]

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3 How to create XY scatter plot in MS Access

Creating scatter plots in Microsoft Access is a challenging problem. Follow these steps to create your own scatter plot: Under forms tab, click New On the New form window select Chart Wizard and Select the table, which has your data, hit OK On the next screen, add two fields for which you want to plot […]

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2 Random Text Generator

This function will return random text (a-z) for the specified length. For ex. Randtxt(5) will return xythp. ‘—————————————————————————————‘ Procedure : Randtxt‘ DateTime  : 10/23/2005 11:54‘ Author    : Ashutosh‘ Purpose   :This function will return random text for the specified no. of chars Function Randtxt(nochars As Byte) As String    On Error GoTo Randtxt_Error    If nochars = 0 Then Exit Function    Dim sResult […]

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