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2 Random Text Generator

This function will return random text (a-z) for the specified length. For ex. Randtxt(5) will return xythp. ‘—————————————————————————————‘ Procedure : Randtxt‘ DateTime  : 10/23/2005 11:54‘ Author    : Ashutosh‘ Purpose   :This function will return random text for the specified no. of chars Function Randtxt(nochars As Byte) As String    On Error GoTo Randtxt_Error    If nochars = 0 Then Exit Function    Dim sResult […]

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1 Hide formula bar

Sometimes a formula becomes very long and it occupies lots of cells and it makes you crazy. So a better way would be1. Record a macro, give a proper name, description and most importantly define a shortcut key, different from Excel’s shortcut keys.2. Don’t record anything and stop the recording.3. Press Alt + F11 to […]

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Long formulas??

Are you facing problems with long formulas? We are. So here are some articles, which are quite useful. -Index and referingMrExcel1 -ISerror and IsNA and a long formulaMrExcel2 -Exceed 7 IfsMrExcel3ChipPearson1 -named rangesChipPearson1 Also, I created this function, which will find if any of the given values exists in the given range. Normally, we would […]

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