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1 Hide formula bar

Sometimes a formula becomes very long and it occupies lots of cells and it makes you crazy. So a better way would be1. Record a macro, give a proper name, description and most importantly define a shortcut key, different from Excel’s shortcut keys.2. Don’t record anything and stop the recording.3. Press Alt + F11 to […]

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Long formulas??

Are you facing problems with long formulas? We are. So here are some articles, which are quite useful. -Index and referingMrExcel1 -ISerror and IsNA and a long formulaMrExcel2 -Exceed 7 IfsMrExcel3ChipPearson1 -named rangesChipPearson1 Also, I created this function, which will find if any of the given values exists in the given range. Normally, we would […]

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Excel Exponential Distribution

Generating random numbers from the exponential distribution in Excel should not be such a difficult task, but the lack of a direct function does it make it difficult. In this post, you will see the steps to generate random numbers from the exponential distribution in Excel. Understanding Exponential Distribution The probably density function (PDF) of […]

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