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2 Linked Table Query Returning Incorrect Results

We had this annoying problem: a simple query in Access to a linked table (using ODBC and MS SQL server) returned incorrect results, though the same query returned correct results in MS SQL server. By incorrect I mean the field values were different, so rather than returning AZ, the query returned BZ (some other value […]

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1 Mining publication data

I found treasure! Publication and citation data with metadata (author names, addresses, affiliation): I was reading about knowledge management here, which says that knowledge management is nonsense. I agree to a certain degree, not because of the field, but because of its name. How do you manage knowledge? Isn’t knowledge derived? Wasn’t information “science” […]

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4 My experiments with sparklines

For the uninitiated, Sparklines are “data-intense, design-simple, word-sized graphics” according to its inventor Edward Tufte. I always wanted to include them in my trend reports. The challenge: How and Which tool to use? The data came from this report came from a complex query using SQL server and Access that had this format: College Major […]

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