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Learning to Learn skills

Learning skills is hard and takes a lot of efforts to learn them well. I have used these following steps to learn various things such as speaking, data visualization, Excel, writing. It is painful going through this process, but at the end, the joy of knowing a skill easily removes that pain. Here’s your roadmap: […]

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Anscombe's quartet

How to Perform Linear Regression in Excel

These instructions read better in this Linear Regression Excel Directions PDF file Linear Regression in Excel Introduction Linear regression is a statistical technique used to observe trends, determine correlation, and predict future observations. The underlying principle of this technique is called the least-squared, which is the process of minimizing the distance between the predicted value […]

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2 Linked Table Query Returning Incorrect Results

We had this annoying problem: a simple query in Access to a linked table (using ODBC and MS SQL server) returned incorrect results, though the same query returned correct results in MS SQL server. By incorrect I mean the field values were different, so rather than returning AZ, the query returned BZ (some other value […]

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