path to become a data scientist. a guide for data scientist training

Data Scientist Training

Data Scientist TrainingEven after searching for many hours on how to get trained to become a data scientist, are you confused and tired? Relax. Your search ends here. There are thousands of resources on the internet that show you how to get trained as a data scientist, but still we can’t find a clear path. […]

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2 planning for a visulization in R

How to Create Infographics in R

Although you will learn in this article how to create inforgraphics in R, I will be honest: I don’t like meaningless, busy, and unactionable infographics. Then why did I write this article? A couple of reasons: I love the message of this chart I wanted to see what’s possible in R The message Gary Keller, […]

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Microsoft Excel Advance Tips and Tricks

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