A man went to buy waffles. He got pies instead. A Study of Waffle Chart vs. Dot Plot vs. Pie Charts

Parts-to-Whole Charts Creating good charts is difficult. Parts-to-whole charts are even more difficult to create, not technically, but to generate a higher level of efficacy. The most common parts-to-whole chart, in which you show different proportions of a measure, is a pie chart. So much so that a hotel advertised its meeting rooms with this […]

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data science Artificial Intelligence for good

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for Good

Artificial Intelligence can learn and tell jokes:Credit: Janelle Shane, http://aiweirdness.com/And in its free time, AI helps businesses increase revenue and customers.Applications of AI and machine learning in the for-profit world are our signals to what’s about to happen in the non-profit world. If you haven’t seen the current applications in the business world, I recommend […]

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2 Step by Step Tutorial: Deep Learning with TensorFlow in R

Step by Step Tutorial: Deep Learning with TensorFlow in R

Deep Learning with TensorFlow Deep learning, also known as deep structured learning or hierarchical learning, is a type of machine learning focused on learning data representations and feature learning rather than individual or specific tasks. Feature learning, also known as representation learning, can be supervised, semi-supervised or unsupervised. Deep learning architectures include deep neural networks, […]

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What’s Common Among Existentialism, Philanthropy and AI? Nathan Fay describes

Nathan Fay is a associate vice president of prospect development at City of Hope, one of the nations top National Cancer Institutes. He provides leadership to the areas of BI, grateful patients, and prospect development. Nathan is working on a couple of books called “Precision Prospect Development” and “Precision Philanthropy: Using AI to Solve World’s […]

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