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How to Perform Linear Regression in Excel

These instructions read better in this Linear Regression Excel Directions PDF file Linear Regression in Excel Introduction Linear regression is a statistical technique used to observe trends, determine correlation, and predict future observations. The underlying principle of this technique is called the least-squared, which is the process of minimizing the distance between the predicted value […]

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Change the Row and Column Headers

You cannot change the default Row (1,2,3,…) and Column (A,B,C,D….) headers, but you can give your spreadsheet the look and feel as if you had custom headings. Solution Enter what you’d like to be your Row Headers in the first column leaving cell A1 blank Enter what you’d like to be your Column Headers in […]

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2 Random numbers generator in Excel

Although Excel’s Data Analysis Toolpak can generate good random numbers, I had to create these various functions to meet my specific needs. First: Generating Unique Random Numbers This function was modified from ozgrid’s RandLotto function, which returns a string of numbers without duplicates. This function will return an array of unique random integers that are […]

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Excel Exponential Distribution

Generating random numbers from the exponential distribution in Excel should not be such a difficult task, but the lack of a direct function does it make it difficult. In this post, you will see the steps to generate random numbers from the exponential distribution in Excel. Understanding Exponential Distribution The probably density function (PDF) of […]

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