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2 Convert a number to its equivalent letter

If you want to convert a number to its equivalent letter, for e.g. 5 to E, you can use two approaches. 1. Insert this code in a Module and use this function ‘Author: Alan L. Lesmerises‘From: Function ColumnLetter(ColumnNumber As Integer) As String  If ColumnNumber > 26 Then     ‘ 1st character:  Subtract 1 to map the characters […]

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Excel 12 will have lots of columns and rows…

Excel Watch: An Official Excel Blog: “Probably the most common question the Excel team gets from our customers is ‘when are you going to add more rows/more columns/more rows and more columns’… Well, the answer to the question is ‘in Excel 12.’ Specifically, the Excel 12 grid will be 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns. That’s […]

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