How to succeed in your job

Superman Halloween Costume

It is very critical that you stand out and succeed in your current job before you start searching for other jobs. Marketing and personal branding guru Seth Godin talks about being indispensable, but how do you do that exactly? Succeed in your job by differentiating There are solid reasons why differentiating with competitors is one […]

Five simple steps to develop great content for your presentation


Previously, I posted five steps to improve your presentations In this article, you will learn five simple steps to develop great content for your presentations. Outline A good outline of a talk, in which you prime the audience for enticing climax, is: why questions > how questions > power phrases > provide answers (repeat for […]

Five steps to improve your presentations today

improve your presentations today for the sake of the audience

There are three key things for a great and effective presentation: content, presentation, and delivery; to improve your presentations you must work on all three. In this post, however, I will focus on content and presentation. First, let me clarify what I mean by presentation and how it is different from content. The content of […]

The agreement model: why do we choose to agree?

The agreement model

I have noticed that in various discussions people usually agree or disagree based on their internal agreement model or matrix: whether the point in discussion is right or wrong whether it would benefit them a.k.a “what’s in it for me” if it doesn’t impact them at all. If you want to persuade people to take […]

Why use R when you have Tableau? Tableau vs. R?


I have seen many discussions around Tableau Vs. R. Here are my thoughts on this topic. Tableau is a fantastic tool for pattern discovery using data visualization. It is usually my tool of choice when I want throw some data and keep playing with the data to see whether any patterns emerge. Learning and using […]

Thinker’s Game: why critical thinking is important and how to practice it?

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

Imagine yourself taking the blame for assessing that Iraq possessed WMDs. Various committees found that managers “did not encourage analysts to challenge their assumptions, fully consider alternative arguments” and that they were focused on the end results and not on the process [Moore: Critical thinking and intelligent analysis]. Thankfully most of us are not in […]

Review of Eric Siegel’s Predictive Analytics Book

Predictive Analytics book cover

Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die by Eric Siegel is currently the number 1 book in various categories for a good reason. Eric has done a good job explaining what predictive analytics is and what it can be used for. He provides many case studies from various fields […]

Get Free Copies of the Tableau book

Tableau Data Visualization Cookbook was published on August 26th and my publisher, Packt Publishing, is offering free copies of the book in exchange for reviews on Amazon or on your blog. With this book, you can: Quickly create impressive and effective graphics which would usually take hours in other tools See lots of illustrations to […]