Change the creation date of a workbook

Two of my colleagues in the office wanted to know how can they change the creation date of a workbook, and I knew there would be some property of the Workbook, which can be accessed thru VBA. So here is the simple sub to get the new creation date and the message boxes will show you the old and the new date.

  1. Open the workbook you want to change the creation date of.
  2. Press Alt + F11 to bring the VBE window.
  3. Paste this code.
  4. Then run the code by pressing F5.
  5. Delete the code after using it.

Public Sub prop()
MsgBox “Old creation date is ” & ActiveWorkbook.BuiltinDocumentProperties(11)
‘enter the date you want to change and this is the US date format
ActiveWorkbook.BuiltinDocumentProperties(11) = “2/14/2004”
MsgBox “New creation date is ” & ActiveWorkbook.BuiltinDocumentProperties(11)
End Sub

About the Author

The author of Tableau Data Visualization Cookbook and an award winning keynote speaker, Ashutosh R. Nandeshwar is one of the few analytics professionals in the higher education industry who has developed analytical solutions for all stages of the student life cycle (from recruitment to giving). He enjoys speaking about the power of data, as well as ranting about data professionals who chase after “interesting” things. He earned his PhD/MS from West Virginia University and his BEng from Nagpur University, all in industrial engineering. Currently, he is leading the data science, reporting, and prospect development efforts at the University of Southern California.