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Do you love data? Do you love programming? Do you love sharing your knowledge with others?

If yes, I would like to hear from you.

This site gets good organic and referral traffic from people interested in learning about data science, Excel programming, data visualization, R programming, and artificial intelligence.

I hear often from people trying to jump into data science: how do I get a job in data science?

Let me share a secret with you. 

Creators > Consumers.

Hiring managers want to hire people who have done something outside of their daily jobs or coursework. If you really are interested in something, then you must show the proof that you pursued that interest.

A lot of people say they want better jobs. Well, to get rewarded, you need to put the time to create value for others. If a majority of the population consumes, then who do you think will stand out? A creator.

To help you stand out, I am willing to publish your articles if they meet the following criteria:

The article:

  • discusses tools and technologies in (or offers advice on) data science, artificial intelligence, Excel programming, data visualization, and effective communication
  • is well-researched
  • is original (no spinning, no plagiarism) and not published elsewhere
  • has more than 500 words
  • has a strong structure
  • reads at middle school reading level
  • contains little to no grammatical errors
  • is beginner-friendly
  • its style matches with the existing content
  • teaches or informs the readers
  • contains appropriate images and charts (of course, free of copyrights issues)
  • isn't self-promoting

You may ask what will you get out of this? Fair question. Here are your possible benefits:

  • Your thought leadership is promoted through my network and emails
  • You get viewership from a targeted audience
  • You give back to the community and help others succeed
  • Your website or social links are featured in the bio box

Does this sound good to you? Then contact me using the form below.


  1. I will make the final decision about whether to accept your article.
  2. I reserve the final rights to edit the article.
  3. Once your article is published on this site, you can't distribute the content elsewhere, except for promotion of the page where the article is posted
  4. After the publication of your article on this site, you no longer own the content. I obtain the rights of the content. You still are liable for any inaccuracies and misinformation.