Guide to Improve Your Speaking Instantly

Have you been looking for ways to improve your public speaking and presentations? I know the feeling. I have been there. Since there are thousands of available resources on these topics, how do you learn the best techniques and resources?

In this guide, you will learn ?the top resources to improve your speaking immediately. Also included in the guide are the top four books to improve your speechwriting as well as your slides.

Who am I?

That's a good question. Who am I to write on this topic? 

I'm a good example of what happens when you put your learning into practice. While growing up, I could not even write simple sentences in English, let alone speak. It all changed the day I decided to pursue the path to become a storyteller.

This was a good decision for a foreign-accented man trying to explain the results of complicated data analyses to mainly non-technical audiences.

Since then I've given keynotes, crafted slides/visualizations for senior executives, and coached others who want to become better speakers.

I'm confident that this content will guide you to become a better presenter and speaker. Let me know how I can be of any help.

4 Resources to Become a Better Speaker

Give these resources a try and you will never look back!



Toastmasters International is one of the oldest organizations that offers programs on leadership and public speaking. There are thousands of clubs all over the world. Find the club nearest to you:

Stage Time University

Awesome online courses by Darren LaCroix, a World Champion of Speaking. I went through a lot of his courses before my first keynote.

This Udemy Course

This course by Tracy Goodwin is awesome in improving your voice in every word and sentence you say.


Of course, where we would be without the books. I greatly benefited from these books, and I'm confident that they will help you too:

How to Deliver a TED Talk by Jeremey Donovan

This was Amazon's awesome recommendation! I enjoyed reading this book very much as I took extensive notes, which I read before every presentation.

Confessions of a Public Speaker by Scott Berkun

This book unequivocally changed my career. As I was searching for information on how to get better at communicating the results of complex analyses, I  bumped into Scott's book. Scott was a product manager at Microsoft, a job that he left to pursue a career in speaking and writing. I not only benefitted from his experience, but I also tweaked the paths to my long-term goals. Scott is a no-fluff man and writes what he means. You should buy this and every other book he has written and subscribe to his newsletter.

Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln by James Humes

James not only was a speechwriter for many American presidents, but he also was a historian. We get to benefit from his extensive knowledge in this smallish, yet packed with actionable information book. You will learn various ways to construct your speeches which will captivate your audience every time.


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