1 Isworksheetopen and Isworkbookopen functions

Here’s a IsWorkbookOpen function to check if a workbook is open or not. Returns TRUE or FALSE Public Function IsWorkbookOpen(ByVal wkbkname As String) As Boolean Dim Wb As Workbook ‘check if its already opened in the Windows collection For Each Wb In Workbooks If Wb.Name = wkbkname Then IsWorkbookOpen = True GoTo exitsub End If […]

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2 Importing IE bookmark

Steps to get your bookmarks in a database format First way: Open Excel>Data>Import External Data>New Web QueryPaste the address of your bookmark on your hardisk in the web query addressSelect the tableImport it to ExcelYou’ll see first column has all the addresses of the links, and after few columns the text for that hyperlinkPress Ctrl […]

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