The data on the Clipboard is damaged, so Microsoft Office Access can’t paste it.

This is a new one for me. One good thing working with Excel and Access is the Copy/Paste ease between them. I usually paste data from Excel to Access for these two reasons:

  1. Create tables in Access (for small tables)
  2. Paste Field names: either in a table or in the import specs form

When I am importing data of the web, usually they have field names and data types given that page, so it makes sense to import that table in Excel (using Import from Web option), and then copy the field names and directly paste them the import specs form in Access. However, I kept running in this error today, which MS acknowledged and provided a solution, caused due to a security patch.

I used a workaround to paste those field names: copy and paste the data in a text file, and the again copy and paste it in Excel.

Solution Update: Colleen provided one more MS KB number to fix this problem. So, there are two KB articles which acknowledge this problem:



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  • Colleen says:

    Google KB958437 and KB967699 – both patches need to be removed before you can copy and paste from Excel to Access… Microsoft’s Security patches have caused this.

  • a7n9 says:

    Thanks for that additional KB, Colleen.

  • Tony says:

    I have neither of the patches listed above installed. Have Office 2007 SP2 and the paste error still appears. Any help appreciated.


  • a7n9 says:

    I’m sorry, Tony that the error persists. Sadly, as of now, I do not know any other solution to this problem.

  • doi says:

    wow! this really worked! I tried the workaround on the other sites saying to copy the file in excel and close it and say yes to the clipboard but that didnt work. This one pasted all the cells i needed for MS Access! I can’t uninstall the patches since this i dont have admin rights to this pc.
    Thanks for this tip!!!

  • Shavendra says:

    Tony, you can copy your fields on a notepad and then paste them to your desired table in
    Access. I also had a simlar issue, and I got it resolved in a similar fashion.

    Hope it helps.

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