Data-Information Visualization

Ever since I read the book The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, by Edward R. Tufte, I am captivated by the idea of creating good design while doing data analysis or dashboard building. Although Excel 2007 charts are much nicer than its previous births, I have started disliking Excel charts. I am even developing an eye for picking out the bad information pixels. Apart from Tufte’s books, these books have helped me immensely:

  • The Elements of Graphing Data, by William S. Cleveland
  • Information Dashboard Design, by Stephen Few

Administrators/executives neither have the time nor the patience to understand complicated data mining algorithms and its results, and when they don’t understand them most probably they will never go in “production.” Simple, yet informative, designs and charts have better chances of going in production, which I am sure every data miner longs for.

I found a course web-site on Information Visualization:

About the Author

A co-author of Data Science for Fundraising, an award winning keynote speaker, Ashutosh R. Nandeshwar is one of the few analytics professionals in the higher education industry who has developed analytical solutions for all stages of the student life cycle (from recruitment to giving). He enjoys speaking about the power of data, as well as ranting about data professionals who chase after “interesting” things. He earned his PhD/MS from West Virginia University and his BEng from Nagpur University, all in industrial engineering. Currently, he is leading the data science, reporting, and prospect development efforts at the University of Southern California.