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Quote of Eisenstein on the importance of critical thinking skills

Thinker’s Game: importance of critical thinking and how to develop critical thinking skills

It is hard to overstate the importance of critical thinking in today’s knowledge economy. In this post, you will learn about critical thinking skills, how to develop them, and resources to help you further. Imagine yourself taking the blame for assessing that Iraq possessed WMDs. Various committees found that managers “did not encourage analysts to […]

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learning skills

Learning to Learn skills

Learning skills is hard, and takes a lot of effort to learn them well. I have used these following steps to learn various things such as speaking, data visualization, Excel, writing. It is painful going through this process, but in the end, the joy of knowing a skill easily removes that pain.  Here’s your roadmap: Learning to LearnUnderstand why […]

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1 Excel Training Materials

Years ago I conducted an Excel training session for Ohio Association for Institutional Research and Planning (OAIRP) and I used the following material for that Excel training: Exercise file for Excel training Excel Formulae Excel training handout

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