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How to Create Automated Analysis Using R?

Have you found yourself repeating the same analysis for different groups in your data? And have you wondered about a better way of doing so in R? I have this problem often. RMarkdown, knitr, and RStudio make generating such automated reports very easy. You need two things: A parent file for data prep, loading libraries […]

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A man went to buy waffles. He got pies instead. A Study of Waffle Chart vs. Dot Plot vs. Pie Charts

Parts-to-Whole Charts Creating good charts is difficult. Parts-to-whole charts are even more difficult to create, not technically, but to generate a higher level of efficacy. The most common parts-to-whole chart, in which you show different proportions of a measure, is a pie chart. So much so that a hotel advertised its meeting rooms with this […]

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data science Artificial Intelligence for good

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for Good

Artificial Intelligence can learn and tell jokes:Credit: Janelle Shane, in its free time, AI helps businesses increase revenue and customers.Applications of AI and machine learning in the for-profit world are our signals to what’s about to happen in the non-profit world. If you haven’t seen the current applications in the business world, I recommend […]

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