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Automated Reports and Dashboards in R

Have you wondered how to create automated reports and dashboards in R?  Are there certain dashboards, reports, and presentations that show the same analysis for different categories or regions?Every time the data changes do you have to recalculate the numbers, recreate the charts, and design the slides? Did you wish for an automated statistical reporting system? Look […]

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3 deep learning pytorch transformers Language Generation r python

Natural Language Generation with R (sort of)

Introduction “Loyal employees are your best brand ambassadors.” This is the kind of message that gets re-posted and re-shared on LinkedIn. The only exception in this case: a computer program generated this quote. I got tired of seeing the superficial posts on LinkedIn, so I thought I would experiment with natural language generation to create my […]

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Book Review: Prediction Machines

I had been searching for a book that explained the various artificial intelligence related terms in a very reader-friendly way, and I think I found it: Prediction Machines by Agrawal et. al.  Update: Joshua Gans, one of the authors of this book, kindly answered some questions I asked him. Read the Q&A. The book starts […]

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